PC Repair-man, Programmer, Family Man. I've worn many hats throughout the years, however these three tend to be the ones I always come back too. More than hats, these three titles have become a way of life and a way of providing more to the world than I once thought possible.

From the very beginning family meant everything as all I had was my mother and grandmother. They saw my talents very early on and empowered me to become the wiz I am today. At seven, my grandmother gave me my first console system. A month later I disassembled and reassembled my first console system. It was a Nintendo.

Two years later she gave me my first computer, a Tandy TL2000. Of course, I broke it and spent the better course of a night reprogramming it and writing my first batch file at 9 years old. Soon after, I found myself caught in a battle between Step-Father and Step-Child, as I tried to maintain control of "my" computer. Every password program and device you could possibly think of in the early 90's was placed on the computer in order to keep me out of it at night. However, I would not be detoured, and this was the humble beginning of my programmer's journey.

Since then I have gone onto be the lead Installer and Programmer for my Dothan City School System's Network installation during my high school years, own a lucrative PC repair and sales shop, write interfaces and assist on network code pertaining to top level "DoD" security servers for law enforcment vehicles, as well as design tomorrow's web application for diagnosing psychiatric disorders. I strive each and everyday to learn something new and continue on in a career that will leave me being "far from ordinary" as I also seek to excel in everything I do. Where will my journey take me next? I don't know, but I do know, wherever I go, I'll continue to exceed expectations and rise above challenges in triumph!